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 Coverdale & Newbank

Community Grocer Shop




Thursday 03 September 2020 for Community Members

11.00am - 2.00pm

Due to COVID-19 - Our Community Grocer Shop will operate a little differently ...

Firstly - FaceCoverings are MANDATORY throughout our Community Hub


If you attend our Community Hub - for your Grab & Go Shopping - without a FaceCovering -

We are sorry but you will be denied access.

We display clear signage throughout our Community Hub -

showing where our HAND SANITISER Stations are.

We are currently operating a GRAB & GO Service.

Your Shopping is still the same great Value, Fresh - Wholesome Produce ...

We are just having to Pick it & Pack it for you at the moment.

Coverdale & Newbank Charity - Community Hub - is operating a Safe - Socially Distanced Service 

with a clearly signed - ONE WAY IN AND EXIT OUT System.

If you are unsure of anything whilst you shop with us - please do not hesitate to speak 

to a member of the team - they are clearly identifiable - with Coverdale & Newbank Charity Uniforms

Welcome to the Coverdale & Newbank Community Grocer Shop.

In Partnership with Fairshare Greater Manchester we operate a redistribution scheme of surplus food and discounted household toiletries for our Ardwick Community in Manchester.

The Coverdale & Newbank Community Grocer Shop is designed to look and feel like a Traditional Shop.

Community Members pay a Weekly contribution of £ 2.50 and receive around £ 15.00 worth of food and toiletries - including fresh fruit and vegatables, cereal, tinned goods and bread.

The Coverdale & Newbank Community Grocer Shop is more than just a shop.


We are a valued Community Hub.

A place to meet, socialise and offer help to support and hopefully help transform our Community and its Members lives. 

At The Coverdale & Newbank Community Hub

we offer Activities, Training,

Volunteer Opportunities and Access to Local Partner Services.

Coverdale & Newbank Community Grocer Shop
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