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Coverdale & Newbank



Misties Pop Up Cafe 



" Practising Positivity

For better Mental Health & Wellbeing in Manchester"

Open Every Thursday 12 Noon until 2pm

Coverdale & Newbank Charity in Partnership with Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

are supporting the Launch of Misties Pop-Up Café.

Every Thursday from 12 Noon until 2pm,

in the Coverdale & Newbank Community Hub,

Cornbrook House - 217 Stockport Road

Ardwick - Manchester.

The café will be staffed by an experienced Peer Support Worker who will be available to talk to people throughout the day.


This service isn’t an alternative to existing support services,

but is intended to offer space to those who may be experiencing emotional difficulty.

Open to Anyone who does not feel things are sufficiently serious that they need to visit their GP yet.


It will offer guidance, help and advice.

The café will give people the opportunity to talk through whatever may be happening with them at that moment,

and will redirect and signpost people to the existing services, help and advice - available at the Community Centre.

Coverdale & Newbank are at the heart of a large and diverse community.

Many of us suffer from Mental Health Issues in one form or another throughout our lives.



Our aim is to pro-actively promote / empower

Positivity At All Times.

  • To build friendships and understand Us as Individuals with our own Anxieties and maybe a lack of confidence. Helping to Support People in our own Community overcome their own personal issues.

  • Promoting and encouraging individuals to meet their own expectations and better outlook on life.

  • To encourage and empower indidivduals to get involved with Current Projects or help Create New Projects that will meet their own specific aspirations as well as others, therefore combating Social Isolation / Exclusion and Promoting Good Health and Wellbeing.

  • We are hoping to combat the Stigmas that are attached with Mental Health - by showing Empathy - Providing Support and Understanding and helping to build a Stronger and Vibrant Sense of Community.                                                                                                                           

  • Most Importantly, - We Want You to know you are Not Alone and Support and Help is Avaliable.

People actively working together and building a stronger sense of community

to provide a vibrant, healthier and  happier place to live.


The Coverdale & Newbank Community Hub - want to offer a Safe, Friendly and Protected Community Centre for all ... to

  • Eat

  • Drink

  • Socialise and make friends ( encouraging people involvement )

  • Get advice and support

  • Resources to help with any issues you may have or be experiencing

  • Training and Educational support

  • Encourage involvement in Projects and Activities

  • Hold Group / Individual Meetings to share experiances,talk about Aspirations and what you want to achieve.



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